Up On Da Statler

So a friend of mine was in a position to hook me up with a trip to the top of Statler City.  If you aren't from Buffalo, that's this place right der.  I invited Old Father Wahlstrom, and we trekked up to the roof to photograph the Rust Belt Utopia I call home as the sun set. _MG_9260

The tall walls were a real issue, especially since the 5d Mark ii (unmodified with Magic Lantern) can't do long exposures in live view mode.  I did the best I could with the circumstances. _MG_9356

The view was pretty incredible.  It was a clear day, and Niagara Falls was clearly visible.  Joe, the kindly man who took us up to the roof, told us that we should be able to see Toronto too, but I have no idea if that was true. _MG_9323

If nothing else, it showed me how fucking hideous the Buffalo Convention Center is.  A fairly new build, that horrible cube of gray concrete stood out like a sore thumb in the field of beautiful art deco and neoclassical buildings.


It's on the bottom-left below.  Look at that fucking thing.


So now I just need to figure out how to get on some more buildings.   If you have any suggestions, I'll buy you a six pack of Southern Tier. _MG_9500