Medium Format Update (Look Ma, I Developed it Myself!)

So I joined CEPA Gallery in downtown Buffalo and now have access to a fully-stocked darkroom.  I rolled on down there with my one roll of 35mm and 2 rolls of 120 and tried my hand at developing them on my own.  How'd it work?  Great (with one caveat)! First, the negative:  My 35mm was shot.  It was a mix between me removing them from the dryer prematurely and my old Minolta shortcircuiting and scratching up the negatives.  Suffice to say, I need a new 35mm.   Here are some of the shots.  I think they sort of look cool in a ruined vintage sort of way.

The 120, on the other hand, looks pretty flawless.  Any issues are exposure-based, not anything to do with the developer.

Ko Chun by Niagara Falls

KC's aunt was visiting Niagara Falls last month, so we drove up and spent an afternoon there.

The rapids near the falls.

I also shot off a roll down in South Buffalo so I'd have it ready to develop.  Kinda neat looking.

This old chestnut.

So yeah.  Overall, a success.  I'll be back for more.  Maybe I'll even try my hand at developing my own 4x5 next time.

35mm and the "Film Look"

Anyone who regularly shoots film in 2014 will tell you that it has its own look, totally distinguishable from digital.  I tend to agree. Dyngus Day (google it!) at Buffalo's monolithic Central Terminal.

I spent a few months shooting my mom's old Minolta X-370, both in home-developed black and white and lab-processed color, and the results were, at the very least, interesting.

KC and the dog.  Sort of charming results from cheap Kodak Gold Max 400 film.

The images are at the mercy of my scanner (an Epson V700,) so I'm sure some of the shadow and highlight details are lost but, even so, I'm pleased with them.  I'm especially fond of the black and white work, as it seems to carry an entirely different feel than that of digital photography.  As always, the photos are mostly of that rust belt Utopia I call home, Buffalo.