Weddings, Forever and Always

Not much to say.  Shot another wedding today.  This one was different in its free-flowing, laid-back vibe. Most weddings I've shot have been heavily regimented and planned to oblivion, but this one just sort of floated along.  It was a Buddhist ceremony(!), so I suppose the lack of rigid structure was appropriate.  Actually, I don't really know if that's true.  Still, it was a lovely ceremony with kind people.  The reception was at the park where my high school cross country team practiced, but I'd never been to the lake/pond where we ended up.  It was pretty neat.

Tifft With my Dad

My dad, fresh from a trip to the Adirondacks, agreed to trek out to Tifft with me for a day of photography.  I lugged the RB67 through the swamp with a few rolls of Ektar and Velvia 50.  The Velvia will take about a week, but the Ektar should be ready to scan tomorrow or the day after.  In the meantime, here's what the 5d with that lovely new 24-70L lens got.  It's alright.

A Brief Update on Weddings

Weddings.  I'm photographing them.  I've got a bunch this summer, but here's a few shots from the first two of the season. First up was the Niezgoda/Detinger ceremony.  This one was different from any I've done before since I've known the groom, Steve, for over a decade now.  The day was fantastic, and culminated in me drinking for hours with old friends after the reception had slowed down.

Then, a week later, I photographed the wedding of Kaitlyn and Nick.  It was about a million degrees in the mid-day, but we soldiered on and got some beautiful shots.  I haven't nearly finished working my way through these, so here's some early samples.

Medium Format Mini-Update

Just got my roll of Portra 400 6x7 back from the camera store.  Last weekend, my dad and I drove out to the Tifft Nature Reserve in Lackawanna.  Tifft is a one-time garbage dump turned really-quite-lovely park in the middle of industrial South Buffalo. The light wasn't where I wanted when I took these, but I was anxious to shoot them all off and get to the Velvia 50 I brought, so here's what I got.

Allentown Art Fest 35mm

Man the Allentown Art Festival is the worst.  Once a year, all the suburbanite Western New Yorkers drive their Toyota Highlanders into the big city to block my driveway and overpay for cheap tchotchkes.  My buddy Dave and I went.  He bought a coffee mug and we went to Aroma for drinks.  I took some 35mm photos on Portra 160.

Then I shot the rest of the roll at City of Night at South Buffalo's old Silo City.  That was, at least, fun.

O Hai, Internet

The nonexistent rumors of my death being greatly exaggerated, I've returned to this dark corner of the internet to post my film failures.  Turns out the Crown Graphic didn't have a light leak.  The bright blotches popping up in my photos was a result of loading film holders and then not immediately packing them away in the darkness of a photo bag.  So yeah... I learned my lesson, and they'll all look lovely from here on out. If I don't underexpose them.  I shot off the rest of my Velvia and the results were disastrous.  I've decided to finally bite the bullet and buy a spot meter, because Jesus Christ.  Look at this garbage.

Image 1 (3)

Image 2 (13)

Whoops!  My 40 year old  light meter finally met its maker, so these were completely destroyed.  3 bucks a shot, down the drain.

These turned out a little bit better:

Image 1 (2)

Image 2 (12)

It's all relative though.  I sort of hate them all.  I'll get better.  I promise!

Oh, and I bought this thing:


Mamiya RB67 6x7 medium format camera.  I took this bad boy to Pittsburgh for a Premier League friendly and took some pictures.  They aren't fine art, but they at least proved the camera works.

I promise to be more vigilant in the future.  Recently finished two weddings, with two more to go this month.  Also, I just shot a roll of 6x7 Velvia 50 and Portra 400.  Sneak preview:


Na zdrowie.

Wedding Season Part 1 - It Begins

Knocked out my first wedding of the summer on Saturday.  The rest should be interesting (brutal) since I'm starting a full-time job with a software company in a week.  I ran into some relatively taxing difficulty with my gear, but managed to soldier through and create some pretty nice images. You can see a bigger selection on my Facebook page.