Medium Format Update (Look Ma, I Developed it Myself!)

So I joined CEPA Gallery in downtown Buffalo and now have access to a fully-stocked darkroom.  I rolled on down there with my one roll of 35mm and 2 rolls of 120 and tried my hand at developing them on my own.  How'd it work?  Great (with one caveat)! First, the negative:  My 35mm was shot.  It was a mix between me removing them from the dryer prematurely and my old Minolta shortcircuiting and scratching up the negatives.  Suffice to say, I need a new 35mm.   Here are some of the shots.  I think they sort of look cool in a ruined vintage sort of way.

The 120, on the other hand, looks pretty flawless.  Any issues are exposure-based, not anything to do with the developer.

Ko Chun by Niagara Falls

KC's aunt was visiting Niagara Falls last month, so we drove up and spent an afternoon there.

The rapids near the falls.

I also shot off a roll down in South Buffalo so I'd have it ready to develop.  Kinda neat looking.

This old chestnut.

So yeah.  Overall, a success.  I'll be back for more.  Maybe I'll even try my hand at developing my own 4x5 next time.

Medium Format Mini-Update

Just got my roll of Portra 400 6x7 back from the camera store.  Last weekend, my dad and I drove out to the Tifft Nature Reserve in Lackawanna.  Tifft is a one-time garbage dump turned really-quite-lovely park in the middle of industrial South Buffalo. The light wasn't where I wanted when I took these, but I was anxious to shoot them all off and get to the Velvia 50 I brought, so here's what I got.

Allentown Art Fest 35mm

Man the Allentown Art Festival is the worst.  Once a year, all the suburbanite Western New Yorkers drive their Toyota Highlanders into the big city to block my driveway and overpay for cheap tchotchkes.  My buddy Dave and I went.  He bought a coffee mug and we went to Aroma for drinks.  I took some 35mm photos on Portra 160.

Then I shot the rest of the roll at City of Night at South Buffalo's old Silo City.  That was, at least, fun.

The 35mm Project Mark iii / Toronto Snow Bonanza

Last weekend saw me trekking up the Godforsaken QEW (because in Canada, they name everything after another nation's monarch) to Toronto to pick the lady up post Taiwan visit.  We actually had a great time.  I brought the Minolta along, because the thought of losing the 5d to theft or drunken absentmindedness was too much to bear, and I actually got some nice shots.  For what it's worth, Portra is now my favorite film.  I'm actually not sure what Ektar brings to the table that Portra doesn't.  If you know, please educate me. So we braved a mini-blizzard to eat noodles on Queen street and drink coffee at a Starbucks.  Have you ever been to one of those?  It was really good.

Mad photos of snow and KC's back.  Enjoy.