O Hai, Internet

The nonexistent rumors of my death being greatly exaggerated, I've returned to this dark corner of the internet to post my film failures.  Turns out the Crown Graphic didn't have a light leak.  The bright blotches popping up in my photos was a result of loading film holders and then not immediately packing them away in the darkness of a photo bag.  So yeah... I learned my lesson, and they'll all look lovely from here on out. If I don't underexpose them.  I shot off the rest of my Velvia and the results were disastrous.  I've decided to finally bite the bullet and buy a spot meter, because Jesus Christ.  Look at this garbage.

Image 1 (3)

Image 2 (13)

Whoops!  My 40 year old  light meter finally met its maker, so these were completely destroyed.  3 bucks a shot, down the drain.

These turned out a little bit better:

Image 1 (2)

Image 2 (12)

It's all relative though.  I sort of hate them all.  I'll get better.  I promise!

Oh, and I bought this thing:


Mamiya RB67 6x7 medium format camera.  I took this bad boy to Pittsburgh for a Premier League friendly and took some pictures.  They aren't fine art, but they at least proved the camera works.

I promise to be more vigilant in the future.  Recently finished two weddings, with two more to go this month.  Also, I just shot a roll of 6x7 Velvia 50 and Portra 400.  Sneak preview:


Na zdrowie.

On Large Format and Light Leaks

So my camera has a light leak.  It's most likely the bellows (though I suppose it could be the film holders, but I suspect not) and I'm going to have to jam a flashlight in there and fix it.   Getting my Velvia back, it was fun to see that white splotch in the corner of (almost) every image.  The photos look pretty good though, outside some iffy exposure. Below, I've skillfully demonstrated the light leaks with Photoshop.

I cropped that noise on out, so they're (sort of) usable images now.

Image 2 (15) 4

The second fun part of my film adventure was sending the wrong negatives in, so I accidentally got two unused negatives back.  Cool beans.

Image 1 (18) 2

Also, I fried this one.  It's pretty disappointing, because that ice is long gone now (it was in the low 80s today) and that was a gorgeous sunset.   That being said, the composition is pretty bad, and I don't miss the cold even a little bit.  I'm not sure how I got this so wrong, but the proof is in the pudding.  Oh well.

Image 2 (14) 3

SAVING GRACE: this photo.  The light and everything isn't perfect, but it has that look you can't get with digital.  It's maybe a little underexposed - I could certainly brighten it up in Facebook - but I think I like the velvety look it has here.  The zoomed-in detail is pretty stunning too.

Image 1 (16) 2

For what it's worth, the original resolution was 14970 x 11829. That's just nuts.  And yes, that's definitely an eyelash or something in the middle.  I'll have to scan it again.