Weddings, Forever and Always

Not much to say.  Shot another wedding today.  This one was different in its free-flowing, laid-back vibe. Most weddings I've shot have been heavily regimented and planned to oblivion, but this one just sort of floated along.  It was a Buddhist ceremony(!), so I suppose the lack of rigid structure was appropriate.  Actually, I don't really know if that's true.  Still, it was a lovely ceremony with kind people.  The reception was at the park where my high school cross country team practiced, but I'd never been to the lake/pond where we ended up.  It was pretty neat.

A Brief Update on Weddings

Weddings.  I'm photographing them.  I've got a bunch this summer, but here's a few shots from the first two of the season. First up was the Niezgoda/Detinger ceremony.  This one was different from any I've done before since I've known the groom, Steve, for over a decade now.  The day was fantastic, and culminated in me drinking for hours with old friends after the reception had slowed down.

Then, a week later, I photographed the wedding of Kaitlyn and Nick.  It was about a million degrees in the mid-day, but we soldiered on and got some beautiful shots.  I haven't nearly finished working my way through these, so here's some early samples.

Allentown Art Fest 35mm

Man the Allentown Art Festival is the worst.  Once a year, all the suburbanite Western New Yorkers drive their Toyota Highlanders into the big city to block my driveway and overpay for cheap tchotchkes.  My buddy Dave and I went.  He bought a coffee mug and we went to Aroma for drinks.  I took some 35mm photos on Portra 160.

Then I shot the rest of the roll at City of Night at South Buffalo's old Silo City.  That was, at least, fun.

Wedding Season Part 1 - It Begins

Knocked out my first wedding of the summer on Saturday.  The rest should be interesting (brutal) since I'm starting a full-time job with a software company in a week.  I ran into some relatively taxing difficulty with my gear, but managed to soldier through and create some pretty nice images. You can see a bigger selection on my Facebook page.